Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Snow day

So the forecast says we'll get snow tonight, and possibly a lot of it in Boulder (5-8 inches).

That's the kind of commute that I would really prefer to skip, so before I left today I gathered up some papers to read, and made sure the code I'm working on is all in places where it's remotely accessible, and filled out my time card, and wrote "WFH" on the whiteboard on my door.

And because people had been talking about the weather rolling in about 4:30, and that we'd get a winter storm advisory by 5 or 6, when I looked out my window around 3:40 and saw the tops of the flatirons starting to disappear into mist, I said "Yup! Time to go," did my prep stuff, and headed home on the 4 o'clock shuttle.

While sitting in the shuttle, I overheard another passenger talking about PTO and realized, having just filled out my time card, that my PTO bank is actually maxed out.

So when I got home, I amended my time card by minus 8 hours, and decided that regardless of how much it snows, I am




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