Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Video Games, Board Games, Big Games, and Un-Shopping

So Friday I ended up not doing a damn thing all day. Well, Puzzle Quest. I played a lot of Puzzle Quest. Other than that, nothing. I didn't even take a shower. Apparently I needed some down time...

Saturday was a boardgaming extravaganza for Jeff and Tom's 40th birthdays, so after some errands, I headed over to Tom's at noon and spent TWELVE AND A HALF HOURS playing board games. It was excellent. Let's see... I played: a couple rounds of Dominion, an 8-person game of Seven Wonders, three or four games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Small World Underground, and two games of Sentinels of the Multiverse (we kicked Ambuscade's butt in less than four rounds, and then had a very close victory against The Matriarch). I think that's everything? There may be something I've forgotten. Anyway, it was great fun.

On Sunday I kinda dinked around for much of the day, then baked a loaf of banana bread to use up the black bananas in the freezer and took it over to the Gamaches' for their "hang out and be social and I guess technically the Superbowl will be on" party. (Though a surprising number of people were engaged with the game.) Nibbled food and was social. Even as a non-football fan, it was surprising to me how blatantly the seagulls were out-sportsing the ponies. (Perlick sent me a delightfully concise analysis over email on Monday, which was about as much as I wanted to know about it. So that was keen.) Headed home in the middle of the fourth quarter, before traffic started back up.

Yesterday was pretty unremarkable. Work was mostly about responding to email, teleconferences, and organizing things. Today, though, I dealt with a tricky and important chunk of code, and all the indications are that I have it fully sorted and working correctly. So I ended the day feeling very accomplished.

Did tai chi, drove home in the cold and snow, picked up groceries, and discovered that Jerry picked up groceries, too, so tomorrow morning I'll have to do some un-shopping before I head in to work. Because I don't think we really need THREE four-hundred count bottles of fish oil pills.

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