Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Off we go!

We are all packed up and ready to head off to the left coast tomorrow! (Well, bar all the usual stuff that you can't pack until the morning you leave.)

We're flying in to Seattle, then picking up a rental car to drive down to Astoria and spend several days visiting with Jerry's parents. Then we'll drive back and spend a couple days with Troy and Ron in Seattle before we fly back next Sunday. (Added bonus, it looks like we'll get to hang out with Reid & Richard, too. Yay!)

Today I dropped keys off with Douglas (who is cat-sitting for us), and visited my grandmother, and went to the grocery store like five different times for oh just two more things. Got a box of my dad's old stuff to bring home. Heard stories about Dad's college years, which made me realize that I think he was a lot more rebellious and adventuresome than I was at that age. Also heard some stories about a relative's wife's high school years, which read to me as very unstable and poverty-stricken; my grandmother thinks that the relative married her more out of a desire to rescue her than love (which I could see), and hearing about her background made me think that maybe it's not such a surprise that, when presented with the opportunity to run off with her much wealthier boss, she abandoned the relative for someone who could provide a lot more resources...

Yesterday was going to be Star Wars, but after running a handful of errands, I lost a good chunk of my afternoon to a sinus headache and a wait-for-the-advil-to-kick-in nap, and I was feeling underprepared, and Jeff couldn't make it so we just canceled and did nothing with the evening, and I think that was what I needed. When we do play again, it will be all the better for the delay, I promise! Friday evening Douglas (newly returned from Phoenix) came over. Thursday... I think Thursday was one of those days where throwing frozen taquitos in the oven for dinner was about all I could manage. And I think that's it for doings of late.

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