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Astoria has been nice. Also damp. And quiet. Small coastal town, basically.

Not a lot to report. Visiting with Jerry's family. Workouts at the aquatic center. I've done a couple-few hours of work each day.

Yesterday we went for a walk along the boardwalk looking for an ice cream shop he remembered, and eventually realized it had been razed because it was on a chunk of pier (right near where we parked) where there had been a big fire. Heard sea lions and saw crocus.

Today we wandered the downtown area and bought a few books at a book store. Had excellent Indian buffet for lunch. I am weirded out be the fact that, though there were lots of tasty things I enjoyed, the two I was most excited about were the kale in the salad and the cauliflower in the aloo gobi. (WTF?!?)

Had a bit of sun yesterday and today. Off to Seattle tomorrow!

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