Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Album Meme

It's a new album from Forty-Foot Robo-Jesus!

mournful dustbin

Nobody ever thought you could hybridize folk music and dubstep until Forty-Foot Robo-Jesus came along. On their new album, Mournful Dustbin, they edge a few toes (maybe even a whole foot on some tracks) into more indie territory with the addition of heavy, fuzzed-out cello and electric didgeridoo backing, but they haven't lost the tripped-out hip-hop breakdowns that made everyone fall in love with them. The lyrics and vocal samples (when you can make them out - the liner notes, printed legibly this time, are essential if you want to understand what the songs are about) are as poetically emo and middle-school angsty as ever. It's still not clear whether they'll ever be able to get airplay on the radio, but as long as they can make albums like this, they'll be able to keep packing tiny clubs beyond capacity with their small but devoted fanbase.

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