Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Monkey Birthday Weekend

Jerry's birthday was Friday, so we had some celebratory doings this weekend. Dinner at Sushi Yume on Friday night. On Saturday we went off to Golden for my high school friend Mike's wife's Kari's "I'm all done with my MBA!" party, then came home and spent the afternoon playing Descent with Mel and Gene. I overlorded; the heroes won, but only just barely. It came down to a single roll about twice. And then Sunday morning, we had a lengthy breakfast with Bob, which was lovely. Jerry ran off to clean the studio while I had some downtime and mostly just napped; I think that was the last tail end of this virus, because yesterday and today I've felt fine (except for the damn cough). Sunday night we went out for birthday dinner with Bob & Pyro and Adam & Channan at Dae Gee, and it was muchly of yum.

Recent entertainment: EDF 2025, season 4 of Archer on Netflix, starting to read Pratchett's Bromeliad trilogy, and a subway-layout game called Mini Metro. It's pretty compelling, but I wish it had preset puzzle levels, rather than being procedurally-generated play-until-you-die. The latter leaves me always feeling dissatisfied when I'm done, rather than accomplished.

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