Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Lingering Blarg

I have nothing to post because I have The Cold That Will Not Die and it saps my excess energy. Visit with the nurse practitioner on Friday concluded that I don't have a secondary infection, it's just that this cold lingers. Added to my daily regimen of sinus rinses, mucinex, dextromethorphan, and an ungodly number of cough drops: claritin, albuterol inhaler, and benzonatate. All doubled.

It's working; I'm definitely improving, I just want to be WELL again already.

Oh, and last night while I was sleeping I had a nosebleed into my APAP nosepiece. So that was plenty gross.

Things are good otherwise. Played a couple games at Chris's on Thursday. Ran a Star Wars session on Friday night wherein the PCs discovered a gigantic droid army in storage on the Warehouse Moon. Hung out with Douglas Saturday and then did lots of nothing on Sunday. Discovered a new way to be annoyed at computers at work on Monday. Finished the second of Stross's Laundry novels and several short stories online. Rabbitholed wikipedia pages about werewolves, vitalism, and the French Revolution. Have managed to have thoughtful responses to things posted/linked by friends. Y'know, the usual.

And you?
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