Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Not much

Not much to say lately. The cold is definitely (finally) done with, but the cough lingers on. Every morning I wake up and it's a little bit better, but never quite all the way.

One interesting side-effect is that I've pretty much stopped drinking soda, because the carbonation is unappealing to my tender throat. I've been drinking lots of milk instead.

Umm... I got a haircut I'm quite happy with last weekend.

And I finished the first draft of my paper today. It's about 300 words too long, but I need somebody else to read it to tell me which bits are extraneous.

Actually... anybody out there wanna read my paper and tell me if it makes any sense at all to a layperson? I'm not sure that I would expect it to, but it's an interesting question.
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