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Tuesday (the 1st) was our nominal 13th anniversary. Nominal because we haven't had, y'know, an actual wedding yet, what with that whole not-legally-recognized thing. (Happily there's a great big YET looming closer and closer behind the issue.) But we've long counted April 1st, 2001, as the official start of our partnership.

So Monday night we went out to dinner to celebrate (a day early, since Jerry has work until 8-ish on Tuesdays), and had an excellent meal at Afghan Kabob (off 120th at Tejon). It's a downscale strip-mall restaurant with minimal ambiance, but the food was wonderful. (And I am way more interested in good food than I am in ambiance.) The eggplant-tomato appetizer made me reevaluate my feelings about eggplant. And rosewater lemonade is quite lovely. I recommend it, and it has definitely been added to our list of places to dine near home!

We've been meaning to do Designated Beneficiary paperwork for a while now, and we figured Tuesday would be a good day for it. So Tuesday morning we printed out our forms and filled them out and initialed all the little boxes and drove off to the Adams County Clerk and Recorder's office way off in almost-Brighton (why is Westminster in Adams County, again?) and got our forms notarized and filed with the county. It took much less time than I expected, only about fifteen minutes. And now we have a paperwork anniversary that is either 4-1-14 or 14-4-1, depending on how you write your dates. Woot!

(This turned into quite the parenthetical post, didn't it? Not sure why...)

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