Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Birthday, Walking, Stove

My brithday was inconveniently on a Wednesday this year, so we didn't really do much to celebrate. I made a coconut custard pie for dinner that night, and then on Thursday we went out for Smashburger with my parents + siblings and family, since they were in town. That was nice.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful, so I went for a long walk through the neighborhood. There are a whole lot of (crab)apple trees, all either blooming or just about to. Lovely!

And this morning I fixed the stove! One of the burner sockets was charred and busted after that grease fire, and I finally got around to acquiring a replacement. I tried to get it from the Sears parts store, which used to be near us over in Thornton, but they moved it to Lakewood. So before driving all the way down there, I checked online to see if they had it. Well... tried to check, because their website is so horrifically bad that I ended up having to go to an entirely different website to figure out the part number. Eventually I was able to determine that it wasn't available in the store, and I was so ticked-off by the whole process that, even though the item was already in my cart, out of SPITE I went back to the other website and bought it there. (And saved five bucks, actually. And I filled out the customer satisfaction surveys for both websites, too.) Anyway, this morning I installed it. At first I thought it hadn't worked, and was quite annoyed, but after Douglas was asking about it I discovered that when I plugged the burner back in, it pushed the socket back rather than connecting, and once I fixed that, it worked. Fully functioning stove, hooray!

So yes, Douglas. He came over to hang out with us today. (Bob and Jeff are off in Austin at the moment, and in a couple weeks he's moving off to New York for a while to jumpstart his career, so it was opportune.) We hung out, made food (ham, slovenian cucumbers, molasses cookies), introduced him to old Gamecube games, and had a lovely and delightful time.

As a start to my 42nd year, it bodes pretty well, I gotta say.

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