Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Domo celebration

On Saturday, Jerry and I got to go to a special milestone celebration buffet lunch at Domo, because he won an invitation in a raffle. I learned that the reason there's a restaurant at all is because the founder was setting up a cultural center and wanted to teach cooking classes, and to do that you have to have an industrial kitchen... so they went ahead and added a restaurant. They do a lot of charitable work, and recently served their 70,000th meal to the homeless! So they put on a big fancy meal to celebrate.

They said to show up between 11:30 and 11:45, so we left the house a bit after 11 and both mostly skipped breakfast. Which turned out to be a bit of a miscalculation, because there was a long line to wait in for tiny snacks and beverages while everyone arrived, and then there were some speeches, and then a bit of a wait while various groups got called to go through the line, and we didn't actually get food until about 2 pm, by which time both of were at, like, Stage 5 Hangry. (The last ten minutes or so before we got into line, all I could do was sit there and obsess over how there wasn't going to be anything left and how I was going to be so upset and what I was going to yell at people.)

But then we did get food (and there was plenty of everything because it is, after all, a restaurant) and everything was fine again and the food was really, really good. Totally worth the wait.

Here's the menu:

Ume zushi - sushi rice with plums and lots of other stuff
Hijiki meshi - hijiki (seaweed) with brown rice
Kombu meshi - kombu (different seaweed) with brown rice
Nikomi yasai - mixed vegetables with umami flavoring
Kiriboshi daikon - matchstick daikon radish
Zenmai - mountain ferns
Tofu aemono - tofu and vegetables with miso dressing
Yuba - tofu skin
Harasume sunomono - vinegared potato noodle salad
Gobo no niku maki - burdock root wrapped in sliced beef
Saba no misoni - mackerel cooked with miso
Sake terini - salmon cooked with mirin and dashi
Pork rib curry (eastern Burmese)
Tamago curry - boiled egg curry (western Burmese)
Green papaya salad (Laotian / Hmong)
Chicken katsu toji - chicken cutlet with egg
Teriyaki chicken (American, it turns out!)
Udon Neapolitan - noodles with Japanese style spaghetti sauce
Battara yaki - a kind of okonomiyaki-like pancake
Shiromi tempura - tempura with roe-mayo dressing
Niku jaga - Pork, potato, carrot, and onion stew

Yes, you can be jealous now.

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