Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Sabaton at the Summit

I went to the Summit Music Hall last night for a Sabaton show. They were third on a bill of four; after finding stuff to listen to online, I determined that I had no interest in the headliners, nor in the local openers, but the second band (ReVamp) has a trained soprano as their vocalist, and them I enjoyed. (I guess I require singing with my heavy metal, not growly-voice yelling -- though she did do a little of that, too.)

Doors were at 6, I got there around 6:30 since I didn't know who was going on stage when (and there was a fifth band that I guess cancelled), so after getting a ticket I repaired to my car and read papers until 7:45, when ReVamp took the stage. They were, as mentioned, quite enjoyable.

Sabaton put on a great show. They told us we were an impressively enthusiastic crowd, especially given that it was a weeknight and they were only supporting. It was their guitar tech's birthday, so he got to come on stage and have the audience sing Happy Birthday get a pie in the face. ("We really didn't think this through very well," said the lead singer, surveying the resulting mess on the stage.)

Also awesome: standing in front of me was a couple, and in front of them, in the first row, was their daughter, who was at her first concert. It was her birthday as well (her 12th), and so after they brought it to the band's attention via a sign, she got pulled up on stage for the last song. ("It's your 12th birthday? Okay, all those four-letter words I said, that never happened.")

Some folks behind me were insistent on forming a very aggressive mosh pit, which I found a smidge tiresome. I helped play shield wall for the front rows and was appreciative of tai chi for giving me practice in keeping my balance. Coulda been worse. At least I got my cardio for the day!

After they finished, I ran back to my car and grabbed the bags of cookies I had baked that afternoon (chocolate chip and bacon chocolate chip). I was prepared to hang out and catch them as they returned to the buses, but then I spotted Joachim's mohawk through a window into the green room, so I just tapped on the window and handed them to the drummer when he came out to see what was up. Cookies for the band!

Approximate setlist:

Ghost Division
Carolus Rex
To Hell and Back
Swedish Pagans
White Death
Gott Mit Uns
40 to 1
Primo Victoria
Art of War
Metal Crüe

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