Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

New lappy!

I have a new laptop!

The old one has gotten very finicky about its power cord, and will only charge if you spend a minute or two sloooowly moving the connector around until it's positioned just so, and then don't jostle it! Which means that you can either use the laptop, or charge the laptop, but not both at the same time. Which is fairly inconvenient.

So I decided to get a new one, even though the old one is still technically functional. ("But it still works," protests this voice inside my head, "isn't it somehow wasteful to get a new one before you've wrung every last iota of utility out of the old one?" I realize that this is the same reasoning that causes me hold onto things I have no real interest in, just because they're "still perfectly good" and don't belong in a landfill, but it's a hard-wired impulse, and is difficult to overcome.)

I ordered a Dell, which got here on Tuesday. (Noted with some amusement while I was shopping: a year ago, everything was all "Windows 8, wooo!" and you had to go searching through the "home business" section to find laptops with Windows 7. And now, you can just pick 7 for your OS as one of the configuration options for all but the most tabletized models...)

Of course I couldn't use it right away, because the 1 TB external hard drive I ordered from Amazon for backing up and file transfer didn't get here until Thursday, and I haven't had any time to start setting it up until today.

Annnnnd now, the setting-up. Oh my, the setting-up. Migrating from a working laptop is going more smoothly than migrating from a dead one usually does, but I forgot how many things you have to install, and uninstall, and update, and change the settings on, and you have to reboot after half of them, and it's been copying files onto the external drive for about five hours and still isn't done yet (thought it's getting close), et cetera, et cetera.

I'm hoping that maybe by next weekend I'll actually be ready to start using it...

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