Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

I got to work yesterday just in time for them to close the building due to a sewer leak in the basement. We had our scheduled group meeting at a cafe down at the bottom of the hill, and then I came home. I got bugger-all done with the rest of the day; between the disruption of the closure and finding out (unofficially) that one of the scientists I really like collaborating with will be leaving in a few months, it just threw off my groove. (Beware the groove.)

So I decided to call it a wash, went to H-Mart, made dinner (Korean pork with spinach kale and cooked vegetable salad), and went for a swim. I did manage to get a little bit of work done before bed.

But last weekend was excellent, at least. On Friday, we saw X-Men: Days of Future Past at Cinebarre with teh bears. I enjoyed it quite thoroughly; it's either my favorite or second-favorite of the franchise. It's got some holes, sure, but nothing that pulled me out of the movie (which Film Crit Hulk would say is less about the flaws themselves and more about pacing and cinematography and suchlike, so I conclude that it's a well-constructed movie). And they've got some really good actors.

On Saturday we went to a graduation brunch for Matt van de North at Syrup. Something I ate disagreed with me, so I came home and took a nap afterwards, but then rejoined everyone at the Eagle in the afternoon and had a really great time just hanging out and socializing for several hours. Shocking, right?

On Sunday I ran the first half of a heist in my Star Wars game, as previously mentioned, and it went smashingly, and then Monday was a whole lotta nothin. So that was nice.

Hopefully today I can get some copula-flux visualization done, so that I can decide whether the simultaneous diagonalization method works, or whether I need to switch over to a density-gradient drift approach. SCIENCE!

*And here I am tagging heypyro in a footnote, because he was lamenting how that never happens anymore.

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