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So I have a post half-finished about that shoulder thing from two weekends ago, all narrative-ing up the email I sent my doctor about it, but I am fending off the cold that Jerry got from the kids he teaches, so I have no energy left to finish it off.

Long story short, I think it was probably some kind of weird post-exercise deep muscle tension, but I take simvastatin and my liver enzymes were a bit elevated back in January, and statins are known for sometimes causing muscle pain and liver problems (plus, y'know, rhabdomyolysis on rare occasion, not that I'm paranoid about that or anything, oh wait, no, I'm totally paranoid about that), so we did a blood draw and now I'm off simvastatin for two weeks, at which point we'll do another blood draw and see if anything has changed. Because while it could be a side-effect of the cholesterol pills, it might also just be me getting older.

Saturday was Chris Floyd's birthday barbecue, which was great. I made a big bowl of gazpacho, plus the king mushroom / cucumber thing, which was a hit. Much socializing with a crowd of excellent friends. At the end of the evening, we played three games of ten-player One Night Ultimate Werewolf, and I managed to win the first two. In the first one, I became a werewolf by swapping with another player, and managed to put all the suspicion on her, and the second I did a terrible job of convincing people that I was NOT a werewolf for a second time -- when actually I was the tanner, who wants to die instead of the werewolves.

On Sunday, I did very nearly nothing other than reading 3 years' worth of Schlock Mercenary archives.

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