Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

(I was going to say "Happy Independence Day", but that only applies for those who live in the United States, whereas it is (or was quite recently) July 4th everywhere on Earth. So.)

I read this article saying "you can make awesome giant pancakes in your fancy Japanese rice cooker!" with all kinds of gorgeous photos, and since we have a fancy Japanese rice cooker, I thought I would give it a try for the July 4th picnic Joe Zemek hosted at the Regis community gardens today. (Thanks, Joe!) So I found a good recipe for chocolate pancakes and mixed up the batter this morning and popped in the rice cooker.

Well. Maybe your rice cooker can make awesome oversized cocoa pancakes, but mine does not make pancakes. Mine makes sadcakes.

After the rice cooker sang its little "Rice is ready, come get rice!" song, the center of the cake was still jiggly liquid. I left it in there on warm for a little while in hopes that maybe it would firm up, but no, it just deflated. The article said this problem could be fixed up by a few minutes in the microwave, but the bowl is metal, so you have to get the cake out of the bowl in one piece first, so I ended up cutting a paper plate to fit so I could invert the cake very gently onto it, which required two extra hands, and then I microwaved it and that finished cooking it but it kinda slumped and split and welded itself to the plate, and the final result was edible, but pretty ugly and only palatable, not super-yummy. In short, sadcake.

Happily, the refrigerator pickles I also made turned out really well.

In keeping with the holiday, after hearing a friend's story about getting a terrible boss fired via organized but peaceful revolt, we concluded that the Revolutionary War would have gone very differently if the colonists had been able to make complaints to England's HR department.

As expected, it was a lovely picnic, brought to a sudden close by heavy-rain-almost-hail.

Afterwards, Jerry and I paid a short visit to my grandmother. I helped her cut up a whole pineapple, and she sent some home with us. It's amazing and very sweet, and I conclude that I have mostly been eating under-ripe pineapple. We also helped get her TV working again, so I'm glad we went to visit today.

Tonight we will head off to watch the Broomfield fireworks from the athletic field at the school near the Floyds'. Presuming we don't get rained out, of course.

I hope your day is just as good as ours!

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