Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Holiday weekend update

Is it really only Tuesday? Oy and vey.

Today was the first day of an eight-day workshop, and I am feeling wiped out. Lots of talks that I actually had to pay attention to because they were interesting and well-presented, plus lots of people to meet, and a poster session + reception afterwards. I expect it will get better starting tomorrow, because it's supposed to be practical with lots of time spent working on projects, which should be less draining. Plus yesterday was a big push to get several done that I needed to get done before vanishing into workshopland. Which I totally did, hooray!

Had a very good rest of the holiday weekend. On Saturday, we had Matt and Jason over for dinner and board games, so I spent much of the day cooking. (Of course, the very first thing I did when I started prepping things was to slice two fingers open on the mandoline. Not bad, just took the top layer of skin off small patches on thumb and middle finger, but there was a lot of time spent on bandaging. Also, I can tell you that liquid bandage, while awesome, applied to a wound like that stings enough to induce involuntary cursing.) But more importantly, I made lots of tasty food for dinner: caramelized king mushroom, Vietnamese coleslaw, zucchini-chicken stir fry, and a flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream and raspberry sauce for dessert. Afterwards we played some Unspeakable Words and a game of Mystery of the Abbey, and it was quite lovely.

Sunday I made molasses cookies and we went out to Brighton for a bear pool party at heypyro's for Craig's birthday. It was super-relaxing, and a really excellent way to spend the afternoon. I got a little bit pink on the arms and sides, but nothing bad. Almost dozed off in a floaty ring at one point. Lounging in the water makes me happy.

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