Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Sleep, Shorts, Plum Cake

Reprieve! I don't have to show up extra-early at work for the next two weeks because of this workshop! There might still be one or two days, but not all of them! This is good, because for various reasons (mostly having to do with how long it takes me to go through my boot-up cycle, as I am Not A Morning Person) getting there extra-early usually requires me to just get up when the cat wakes me wanting breakfast. Which is usually around 5:30.

Not much of interest lately; see aforementioned "Month-o-Workshops". This Sunday I managed to buy three new pairs of shorts, but only after failing to do so on Saturday because of vexations involving finding a substitute barber because my normal barbershop is closed for vacation, a lunch that was tasty but disagreed with me, and a pair of older shorts that ripped all the way up the front when I bent over to pick something up (while I was at home, thankfully).

Last night I decided to use up the rest of a bag of plums that was going bad, so I made a cake using this recipe. The recipe is in British, so I had to do a lot of translation and figure out a bunch of substitutions, but the end result is very tasty. (Also very moist. And fairly flat because I baked it in an oversized pan.) I'm not sure how much all the spices come through in the flavor, but the plums sure do.

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