Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Outdoor Art at DIA

I dropped Jerry off at DIA this morning for a short trip to Oregon. (His step-father passed away last week, and they're having a small ceremony for the cremation.) I got to thinking about the artworks visible on the drive in, so herewith is a review.


This is a set of big water-tower-like containers made of corrugated metal in the shape of cloud icons. I used to dislike them because they're kinda ugly, but on the drive in this morning, it struck me just how completely and totally un-cloud-like they are. And yet, when you see them, it's obvious that they're meant to be clouds. I find myself charmed by the irony, and now I like them.

4 stars (out of 5).

"Fenceline Artifact"

This piece is so indistinguishable from random landscape detritus that I've never noticed it and I'm actually not even sure whether it's still there. It's apparently a long line (a "linear gesture") of trees and junked farm equipment. Ugh. There is a certain artistic sensibility that is obsessed with found items and weathering patterns and rust and dirt and burlap. Nothing wrong with it if that's your thing, but my personal aesthetic response to this kind of thing is generally one of loathing.

Zero stars.

Illuminated DIA Sign

This is the big wall of translucent color-changing blocks with the airport sign on it. The page about public art at DIA (which is how I discovered Fenceline Artifact) doesn't have anything about it, but I've always thought it was a public artwork. Regardless, it's big and it's pretty, especially when it's full dark outside, and I like it.

3 stars.


Blucifer (his official name is "Mustang") is a gigantic blue fiberglass horse with fiery red illuminated eyes. He is horrifying and awful and I think he's kind of the best thing ever. You see him as you're driving away from the airport, and it's like, HERE IS A GIANT DEMON HORSE TO WELCOME YOU TO OUR CITY, PLEASE ENJOY YOUR STAY PUNY MORTAL. It's just so massively inappropriate and tonally wrong that I am completely in love with it. The only thing that could make it better is if Blucifer actually breathed fire and lightning. Did I mention that during construction, a piece of the sculpture fell on the artist and killed him? Yeah.

Five stars.


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