Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Stuff What I Done: A Statistical Breakdown

Recent not-work stuff, by the numbers:

Get-togethers featuring gaming: 4

1) A games day at flwyd's, in East Boulder, where I got to play Get Lucky (the updated card-game version of Kill Doctor Lucky). Verdict: fun, and an improvement on the original.

2) Visiting with in-town Bryree and Marty at the Nevilles', capped off with a game of The Doom That Came To Atlantic City (Keith's Cthulhu anti-Monopoly).

3) An evaluation play-through of Isaac Asimov's Robots VCR Mystery Game! Kate found a copy of this 26-year-old game and wanted to check it out for something she's working on. We had a VCR in the garage, so she and Floyd came over and we gave it a try. It was... okay. Very much a product of its time. But useful for Kate's thing.

4) People coming over to entertain me while Jerry was off to Portland for a day. Stamps, Joe, Neal, and Zanon came and played Seven Wonders, Dominion, and several rounds of We Didn't Playtest This At All to fill out the night. Excellent company.

Things Fixed: 2

1) Two Sundays before last, we discovered that the van wouldn't start. The next morning we got it jump-started and dropped it off at our local mechanic, who determined that the ignition key thingy had worn out to the point that you could remove the key without it being fully in the "off" position, which would leave all the accessories on and drain the battery. (Which also explained what was happening a week or so previous, when Jerry had trouble getting the lights to turn off after he parked it.) I worked from home for two days, and it wasn't too expensive to repair, so I feel like it all worked out fine.

2) This last Saturday I finally got around to emptying out the fridge and getting rid of a giant lump of ice that had built up in the back. (The door seal is a little leaky, so moisture condenses inside the fridge and if you ignore it for too long, forms ice.) A little effort and a hair dryer sorted it all out. And hey, now the fridge is clean.

Trips to the Movies: 2

I saw Guardians of the Galaxy at Cinebarre with the bear crowd on Thursday when it opened and was thoroughly entertained. (Turns out, I like action-comedies way more than I like just plain action movies.) Jerry couldn't make it because he was at the studio, so that Sunday I took him and saw it again.

(Bonus fanfic plot bunnies: 3 and counting.)

Social Things Featuring Neither Games Nor Movies: 2

Jerry's school had a picnic last Saturday, so after defrosting the fridge I picked up brats and met him over at the park in Broomfield for that. And then on Sunday, we met Bob & Pyro and Matt & Jason at the Botanic Gardens. They have a Chihuly exhibition going on through the end of November, so there's crazy glass on display in the midst of all the plants, and it is pretty dang awesome. And it doesn't cost anything extra! Still only $15! Definitely go see it if you're local.

Early-morning trips: 2

1) As per my most recent post, last Friday I dropped Jerry off at the airport at, oh, not stupid early, but still very early for the aforementioned one-day trip to Portland. (Last-minute fares being what they are, that was what we could manage with credit card reward points.) Picking him up on Saturday was easier, since his plane didn't land until 9:30.

2) This morning we drove all the way down to Highlands Ranch (during rush hour, ick) for an eye exam, because: he's almost out of contacts, Kaiser won't order new ones until he gets an exam, they didn't have any appointments closer until mid-September, and he can't drive while his pupils are dilated. Happily, we were able to dodge the worst of the traffic going toward Denver with the HOV lane.

Cookies Baked In Cookie Clicker, A Silly Browser Game From A Year Ago That I Just Discovered And Am Willing To Let Run In The Background Because The Storyline Is Amusing: approx. 111 quadrillion

That's not an exaggeration. It's pretty ridiculous.

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