Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Poster, Also Cat

Wow, I am much behind. I have been working overtime to get a poster ready for a workshop, which was today. Well, tomorrow also, but the poster session was today, so now that's all done with, hooray! I got quite a bit of interest and went through the whole spiel several times. I also owe several people a draft of my paper.

It was a long day and my feet hurt and I am tired. Not hugely so physically, but mentally I am all tuckered out. In addition to all the talking to people and listening to talks, I also skipped a couple uninteresting breakout sessions to go stamp out brushfires and managed to get a couple different todo items mostly settled, so it was kinda go-go-go all day long. And now it's only 9 pm and I kinda wanna go to bed.

Still, I've got no claim on tired -- Monkey has been training hardcore for his black belt pre-test, which is on Saturday, so he's been even more wiped out than me.

I feel like I should say something about something other than work, so here is picture of Miss Princess Ioliel Cat-mo-bean all curled up adorably into a circle:


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