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So I did take last Friday off, and spent the day doing mostly nothing other than making a pan of brownies, which we took over to dinner at Peter and Yee Frost's. I hadn't seen him in quite some time, and he had never met Jerry, so that was a nice way to spend the evening.

Saturday was also a day of not much, though we did go over to Chris's for a game of Imperial Settlers. But mostly recharging. We played a lot of Earth Defense Force.

Sunday morning we video'd Jerry's kung fu forms out on the tennis court, for later reference. (Since he's now done with the studio.) Then we finally got off our asses and went over to Bob & Jeff's to disassemble and bring home the spare elliptical trainer they wanted to give to a new home. So we've got that downstairs now.

Work-wise, this week has mostly been about precipitation. Precipitation is a pain in the ass. There are two problems with it: first, the amount of rain is always positive, which makes it a one-sided distribution. And second, it doesn't rain every day; there are often days where there's no rain. Either one of these things wouldn't be too bad, but together they make it very difficult to normalize precipitation to make all the math work on it. I'm currently thinking a Box-Cox transformation will solve the problem, but I have to do a bunch of analysis to test it out.

(Hmm.... Yup, enough mana recovered to post about goings-on, not enough for anything thinky. Ah well.)

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