Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

A Long Weekend

I know this weekend was actually an hour longer than a normal weekend, but it felt much, much longer than that, even. In a good way; we did a lot of things, but also had a lot of time for relaxing.

Friday started off with getting a new iMac at work. The data migration tool made it easy to transfer everything over, but with the available cables it took about 4-5 hours, so I came home early. I did a little shopping on the way home, then got my costume put together, then we had a bite to eat and waited for the trick-or-treaters to come by (none until after it was full dark!), and then we went off to a Halloween party at Stu & Nick and Jason & Gideon's place. Which was excellent: along with the requisite socializing with lots of good people, there was tasty food and fun party games. And Jerry won the best costume contest, w00t!

On Saturday we went out for dim sum with Gene & Brandon and several other folks. We usually go to Empress for dim sum, but this time we went to Star Kitchen, and they were very good; on par with Empress quality-wise, but with a slightly larger selection. (The cart lady was surprised when the table full of westerners asked for chicken feet and then cheered when she brought them out.) It was a good group and tasty food and it made my mouth and my tummy happy. I also paid bills, and we watched a movie (Burke & Hare, which was kinda meh), and we played some EDF, and otherwise mostly just lazed about.

And then on Sunday we bought two 40-lb bags of cat litter and took them to Almost Home (the shelter where we got Nico & Ioliel). We gave them an update on our kitties (who they remembered fondly) and then we spent some time visiting with the shelter cats. And if we didn't have two at home already, we would have brought a couple home. That night we had Douglas over for a lovely and delightful welcome-back-to-Denver dinner.

Today was gloomy and cold and it was full dark by the time I left work, boo! But the new computer works, and I only spent about half the day reinstalling things, and it's only seven weeks until the solstice and the days will start getting longer again, so it could be worse.

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