Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Today is cold, but last weekend was very good

It is distressingly outside and I have some intermittent sinus thing going on that gives me low-grade headaches and ringing in the ears, so I decided to hell with leaving the house, I'm working from home today. I didn't get all the things done that I would have liked to, but I made a crockpot full of soup and got all the references properly formatted for the paper that's due by Saturday, so I'm calling it a successful day nevertheless.

Catch up from last weekend: On Friday we went and saw Big Hero 6, which we both enjoyed quite a bit. It's a superhero (-ish) story, but it hits different notes than most. (And the technobabble wasn't cringey!)

Saturday was a wine-themed bonfire at Pyro's, and I didn't really feel like taking a bottle of wine to drink, so I poured it into a pan and added unflavored gelatin and made wine jigglers, which actually turned out really well. Jerry catharsed by burning a bunch of boards from his martial arts tests. It was a good gathering.

On Sunday, Jason came over and we played some Descent. I picked the character Widow Tarha, an orcish spellcaster, and based on her portrait decided that she should use the Necromancer customization deck, which meant she could summon an undead warrior to fight for her. Clearly, I realized, the reanimated fighter must be her deceased husband. Which made the rest of the game pretty entertaining. We breezed through the first encounter because we had (by luck) exactly the right set of items and abilities, but we lost the second encounter (though it was by a narrow margin).

Then at 6 I picked up Douglas, we had dinner at Tocabe (an Indian-taco place down on 44th), and went to the New Politics show at the Ogden. The two opening bands (Bad Suns and Somekindawonderful) were pretty meh in my book, but New Politics was GREAT. They put on a very energetic show and played lots of music that I enjoyed very much, even when I didn't know it to sing along. The lead singer does breakdance, and is just amazingly athletic/acrobatic. (And *ripped* -- I could see his abs from the balcony.) Definitely recommended.

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