Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Stuff and Things, Things and Stuff

I have finished revising my paper, and submitted it on Friday! This is exciting because it means I get my brain back. Other stuff:

Thursday I got a flu shot. It was also Games Night at Chris's, where I lost an enjoyable game of The Doom That Came To Atlantic City (which is Lovecraftian reverse-Monopoly). Also party-fouled a bottle of soda over and there was much paper-towel scrambling. D'oh!

Friday we played Star Wars over at Thomas's. The PCs infiltrated the secret hidden cloning facilty, which was interesting because I went into it with no idea whatsoever how they were going to approach it.

Saturday was cold and snowy and we didn't really leave the house. We did sort through a bunch of old electronics to take off to Best Buy for recycling and I got kinda nostalgic and choked up going through various boxes of stuff because I am a big ol' sap like that.

Sunday I visited my grandmother and went grocery shopping and made dinner and didn't do a whole lot else.

Today the out-of-town visitor I planned to work with all day was delayed arriving, so we only got about two hours of interaction in, but I made good progress on a project that has been back-burnered for a long time, and it made me feel very competent, so that was nice.

Annnnnd then I missed my bus stop because I wasn't paying attention on the ride home, so I got to ride the bus allllll the way to the airport and back. (Which was not terrible; I read my book and fiddled on my laptop, which is about what I would've done anyway.)

Written down it sounds kind of lousy, but actually it was all pretty good.

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