Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Cold viruses suck

So last week was all meetings meetings meetings and on Wednesday I started to feel a cold coming on, so I ate, like, a hundred and fifty three zinc lozenges (or maybe 8 or 9, whatever) over the course of the day in an effort to beat it into submission with the power of gross aftertaste. It mostly worked; I worked from home mostly took the day off and convalesced on Thursday, but then felt generally better on Friday.

Except, of course, that now I have the post-cold cough. This happens every time I get a cold: after I'm done feeling lousy, I get a dry cough that causes throat irritation that causes post-nasal drip that causes a dry cough, and it will spiral into a feedback loop of doom if I'm not careful. I have been doing sinus rinses and taking mucinex religiously, and I think having the feedback on my APAP turned all the way up helps, too, so we'll see if that's enough to get rid of it or whether I'll need to go to the doctor next week for Magic Pills (benzonatate). I am already getting tired of menthol.

We did have dinner with Bob & Douglas (Jeff was off in N'awlins for a meeting) on Wednesday, but had to cancel another dinner on Thursday. Saturday I did nothing but prep and run Star Wars, and Sunday I did nothing at all until late afternoon, when I did a sudden burst of clothes and grocery shopping that made me feel all productive.

Wait, no, I also got a haircut on Saturday. Which took about two hours, because it was busy and they were down a barber, so I had to wait forever and ever, but after you've been waiting for twenty minutes and you realize that there are still ten people ahead of you, you're already past the threshold where it feels like more of a waste to give up than to keep waiting. And it's a pretty good haircut, so, y'know.

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