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So Wednesday night Bob & Pyro invited us and Gene & Brandon over for dinner. Pyro made tasty steak pies, Gene & Brandon brought a pecan pie for dessert, and we brought games - 7 Wonders and One-Night Ultimate Werewolf. (Thanks for the loan, Chris!) A lovely time was had by all.

Then Thursday morning, we loaded up the car with stuff and drove east for six hours through miles and miles of flat nothing (with occasional swaths of something pinkish -- probably little bluestem, we determined later -- along the verge of the highway) to Naponee. We got there around 4-something, in time to help Mom get dinner on the table. I made gravy; Jerry carved the turkey up. We played a game of Carcassonne that evening, and otherwise just relaxed.

Friday was very low-key. We played another round of Carcassonne, and went for a drive around the reservoir near sunset. We had dinner at the Nowhere Bar in town, and otherwise just puttered. Played with dogs and cats. Read my book. Y'know.

Saturday we got ourselves packed up mid-morning and drove back. We went North to I-80 and took that, just for variety. And that was pretty much the whole day.

Sunday morning we met up with Bats & Sarah at Empress for dim sum. As always, it was great to catch up with them, and we had an excellent brunch. It was cold when we left the restaurant; weather moving in. Sunday I also made stock in the crockpot from the turkey carcass that Mom sent home with us, and then I turned it into soup. (Turkey-barley-vegetable soup.) It turned out really well! Well enough that I saved the recipe, anyway.

Lots of doings and traveling, but overall a long, restful holiday weekend.

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