Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Alias Season 1

We just finished watching the first season of Alias on DVD; enjoyed it quite a bit, though it's pretty freakin' rude on the cliffhanger scale. Thoughts:

The last episode was a particularly nice coming-full-circle kind of thing.

The number of loose ends left flapping spectacularly to cause problems in season two was pretty impressive.

They do a very good job of giving characters distinct personalities. The reactions that Will Tippin has in a number of spots in the last couple episodes, for example, are kind of unexpected and much more interesting than many of the things they could have had him do.

I would posit that the "point" of season one is: personal loyalties are more important than the job. (If you're a good person, anyway.)

I'm glad we're not watching this as it was broadcast; I don't know that I could take the waiting...
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