Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

AGU part 1

I got my poster finished!

This is noteworthy because I usually get it done well before I actually leave, but that was not the case this year. Largely because my poster session is not until Friday afternoon and I'm using an on-site printer who only needs 24 hours lead time, so there wasn't nearly as much of a deadline as usual. So when last week turned busy with doctor's appointments (Monday and Thursday), retirement/farewell parties (Tues, Thurs), holiday parties (R-F), meetings and seminars (T-W-R), assorted small but urgent tasks (every day, it felt like), Games Night (Thursday) and having friends over for dinner (Bob & Jeff & Douglas, on Friday), it felt like it wasn't that big a deal. I spent Saturday doing not much other than packing and working on my poster, then worked on it Sunday after I arrived and finished it up Monday afternoon when I had nothing on my conference itinerary.

We had to leave the house early on Sunday, but the flight to SF was unremarkable. Got myself settled in at the Intercontinental by about 1, then got myself some lunch from one of the places at the Westfield Center food court and did some shopping at Target for things to stock the mini-fridge with so I don't have to leave the hotel room before I've had breakfast in the morning. (Something I have discovered makes me much, much happier.) Postered it up all afternoon, then got myself some dinner at a well-rated Vietnamese place over on 6th & Mission. I got back in time to attend an educational Games Night event (which was actually *in* my hotel, so I figured I might as well). Played a couple games that were moderately fun (they seemed over-dependent on luck of the draw for my taste), and then won a copy of one of them in the raffle, so maybe I'll see if the rules bear some tweaking.

On Monday I had only three talks to see (the first one of which I missed because iCal very helpfully listed all my event time in the local timezone equivalent when I printed them out before leaving) and a double handful of posters, so it was mostly about finishing the poster. After the second two talks, I hopped on Muni up to the Castro to meet up with Jeb (50poundnote). We met at a bakery called Sweet Inspirations, where they gave me a GIGANTIC piece of mocha cheesecake (seriously, I still haven't finished it) and we spent an enjoyable hour catching up. Then I headed back to the Marriott for the MIT EAPS reception and some catching up with Quincy.

Yesterday was much busier; I saw a dozen talks and a baker's dozen posters, plus a bunch of randomly running into people I know. Somebody posted a list of "SF's 30 best sandwich places" on Facebook, so at lunch I tried one of the three within walking distance (Darwin's Cafe), and ran into Ariel on the sidewalk outside -- he's never normally in this part of town, but was on lunch break from jury duty! For dinner, I met up with Matt Kuenning and had super-tasty Thai food at a place called Osha. (There are NO HANDRAILS anywhere in the restaurant! But to be fair, it's all one floor.)

I had a burst of talks early this morning, but then nothing else until late afternoon. I wandered over to Pier 9 and got lunch at Super Duper Burger with Quincy and U-Boat, then came back to the hotel room and just recharged for a bit. Heading out shortly for talks, a meeting, and dinner.

Good meeting so far!

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