Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Silver Linings

So, kung_fu_monkey and I have strep. Woo.

I planned to work from home today, so as not to expose anybody in the office, but that has pretty much turned into just calling in sick. I don't feel bad, particularly, but my energy levels are low and my brain won't shift out of second gear. Fortunately, I have nothing deadline-driven or urgent going on, so timing-wise, it could be a lot worse.

Jerry figured out Saturday night that it was probably strep, and I had resigned myself to not being able to see the doctor until this morning, but yesterday at about 3 pm I was checking the Kaiser website to find the phone number to call to make an appointment and discovered that the Westminster location is now open on Sundays! So that's good to know.

We got ourselves over there by 3:20, were warned and prepared for a 2-hour wait that actually lasted for about 15 minutes, and were headed home with antibiotics in hand less than an hour later.

And really, if I was destined to get sick? I'm actually glad that it's strep, which can be cleared up with some pills and a day or two of rest, and not another cold that would leave me with a cough I'd spend six weeks fighting off...

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