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I have been meaning to go to the eye doctor for a while now, because my contacts are getting old and the prescription on my glasses isn't quite right anymore. (To say nothing of the perpetually loose earpieces. And all the scratches.) But glasses and contacts are expensive, so I've been putting it off.

Well, this morning one of my contacts snapped clean in half. Guess it's time to go NOW!

I have an appointment tomorrow morning, which I will pay for out of pocket because the earliest I could schedule it with Kaiser was in March, and I will surely have killed someone by then if I had to wear this pair of glasses the whole time.

If we ever end up in some shadowrun future where everyone has cyber-eyes, it won't be because they give you infravision and an HUD, it'll be because they're somehow cheaper and less of a pain in the ass to keep working properly than biological vision...

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