Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Weekend in review: guardians, dim sum, superb owls

Last Friday: we had Sarah over for dinner and Guardians of the Galaxy, which we had plans to go see with her months ago that were derailed. Man do I love that movie! We got two copies for Christmas, so we sent one home with her.

Saturday morning we joined Brandon & Gene (and Dave V. and Steve A. and Bob R. and several other folks I don't know well yet) at Star Kitchen for dim sum. It's a bit more crowded than Empress, maybe a little pricier, but I think it may a bit better on selection and yumminess. We definitely stuffed ourselves full of tasty goodness, anyway, and had a delightful time.

Then I spent the rest of the day prepping for our Star Wars game that night. (Well, and recovering from the carb coma.)

On Sunday we went to Matt & Jason's Sorta/Sorta-Not Superbowl Party. Other than making myself feel terrible by eating poorly, I had a great time. I brought game bags and we played a round of Dominion, and we watched puppies, and after wandering over to the TV to watch the halftime show (which was SPECTACULAR), I was drawn in and ended up actually watching most of the rest of the game! Despite having zero skill points in Handegg Appreciation, I was still able to tell when one team was sportsing harder than the other, and that that one pass was just crazy, and (especially since I had no preferences about who won) I was able to enjoy it as a close interesting game.

And I am super-lucky to have a hubby who didn't mind heading home as soon as it was done because I was feeling lousy. Monkeys are the best, did you know that?

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