Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Logic, Phones, and Not A Lot Really

So I was gonna post about this math puzzle from the latest issue of Technology Review, but I only got it partway written up, and then as I was heading to bed last night, I realized my solution was totally incomplete. Which just goes to show that it's surprisingly easy to fool yourself about the soundness of your own logic.

We had a lovely social Saturday, with a birthday celebration for Adam in the afternoon and Neal in the evening. Then did a lot of nothing yesterday, other than some grocery shopping and paying bills.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on. I spent all last week working hard on post-processing the final dataset from our project so two of my colleagues can use it starting this week. Didn't get 100% finished, but I got it to the point that they can use it, and I think they're both out of the office today, so I'm going to call that success. Worked from home Monday and Thursday of last week to avoid traffic and cold when the weather was bad.

Oh! And last weekend we went and got Jerry a new, non-Apple phone, which means I inherited his old iPhone, which means I finally have joined the modern world and have a smartphone. The most noteworthy changes so far are that I can tether my laptop when I'm on the bus (albeit with a fairly slow connection), and that I'm gonna have to go through all my contacts and swap the first and last names, because they didn't transfer over quite right.

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