Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

A Monkey Birthday Weekend

Saturday was kung_fu_monkey's birthday, so after cleaning the house up and running errands, we went out for a very nice early dinner at Sushi Yume. As usual, we had the bento boxes; I got a teriyaki salmon one this time, and it was exceptional. The salmon was only just cooked, and the sauce was very light, so the flavor really came through.

That evening, we had a bunch of bears over to watch The Apple. Everyone agreed that it was terrible, and we had an excellent time. (And a LOT of food! Many snacks were brought.)

Then, on Sunday, after the evil of the time change (mutter grumble), we met up with Glenn & Drew for brunch. Well, noon-time brunch, which is arguably lunch, but we had breakfast foods and it was the first meal of the day, so still brunch-ish. We ended up heading back to their place and hanging out all afternoon and into the evening. We watched some dreadful SyFy movie ("Dragonfyre", I think? With a name like that, you know it's got to be bad), and then a bit of the last Hobbit movie, and had a lovely and delightful time.

Happy brithday to my sweetie-bean!

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