Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


Hooray I have a cold and yesterday it turned into pinkeye. Pbblt.

I stayed home today in an effort not to share it with my coworkers (although Linda, my boss, and Melissa, who's in the office next to me, were both out Friday feeling poorly, so I would bet we all picked up the same thing at the same time). I had planned to work from home today, but so far that has mostly not happened. I am feeling quite a bit better, so hopefully tomorrow I can get back to my normal routine.

I thought about going to the doctor, but the intarwebs inform me that pinkeye is often caused by an adenovirus, which can also cause an upper respiratory infection (and yes, this cold has been all in my nose and sinuses), and that although the eye got all mucus-y and gross, unless you've got yellowish pus, it's not bacterial, so there wouldn't be anything the doctor could do other than tell me to stay home, and I don't think I need to spend $20 on a co-pay for that.

Jerry is coming down with it now; my fingers are crossed that I didn't spread it to anybody at Matt & Jason's on Saturday. (And my sincere apologies if I did; I was feeling pretty decent Saturday morning, so I figured I had turned the corner. Hopefully that was true. Plus we made D&D characters and afterwards a few of us stuck around and played Dominion and Cards Against Humanity, and I have a -10 penalty to my Will save to skip things like that...)

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