Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Spent much of Saturday the last few days convalescing. I'm almost entirely over the strep now, just a little bit of sore throat left, but I'm still low on energy.

Saturday we had Ghostwalk. Jerry made tasty tasty miso soup and green beans of crack. There was also good fish stew, but I couldn't manage to eat as much of it. Jerry and Rob got their characters' specials, finally, woo-hoo! Jerry's cleric (who has a 16 Charisma and lots of points in Diplomacy) usually does the talking for our group, but I think that maybe my character has a new job: "talking to evil people when we need to not fight them". Oh, and Greg got to guest-star as a halfling rogue with truly scary levels of stealth. We didn't quite finish the subquest, so he'll have to come back in two weeks for the next session. Gosh, what an awful burden. ;-D

Took Greg back up to Ft. Collins Sunday afternoon. We got a legit copy of Win2K installed on his computer to replace the broken copy of WinXP he had. He also gave the stupid-big-heavy 21" monitor from my grad school gig a good home, and is gonna swap me an 80-gig HD, which is I think a good bargain for both of us. We like the Pook; him's good people.

Today I got in to work briefly before I zipped East to Dacono for a funeral. My step-dad's mother died a few days ago; she was very old and had been drifting away, unravelling slowly, for a while, so it wasn't a great or sudden shock. Got to see my Mom & Larry, and my brother Dave, all of whom are doing well, in addition to the great many relatives whom I can never remember unless they're there in front of me. Everyone seemed to be holding up fairly well.

It turns out that in addition to Family Sick Leave for taking care of sick monkeys, I also get time off from work for things like funerals! So that's nice. I mean, relatively speaking.

And that's what I've been up to, aside from the pedicure of my previous post.

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