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Working backwards:

Today I did the page proofs for my paper on bias correction. There were only three or four things where I had to say "Actually, this was correct the way I wrote it. Please put it back." I restrained myself and did not attempt to undo all the changes they made to commas and hyphenation, even though it made me itch. I recognize that writing style is subjective and there is no objectively "correct" style. That said, their style guide is WRONG.

Yesterday was a downtime day, because on Saturday I spent most of the day at Matt & Jason's for Bear D&D, and then spent the evening playing Eclipse. The D&D game is fun; lots and lots of combat, plus I get to play with psionics. And, y'know, hanging out with a good crowd. Eclipse is also fun; it's a great big board game that I got for Christmas and haven't had a chance to play yet because it's half an hour per player (for experienced players) and is best with 5 or 6 players. It was recommended to me as the best tabletop distillation of a 4X-style computer game, and I think it lives up to that. I got Chris & Brian & Jeff & Bill to come over and help me try it out, and we all enjoyed it.

(My poor monkey was planning to spend Saturday at an MMA tournament up in Loveland, but was feeling too under the weather to go. Today he went to the dentist and got a bad tooth pulled, and it turns out that he had a cracked root and an infection, which is probably has has been making him feel lousy for the last couple weeks. Happily, they got it all cleaned out and now he's on antibiotics, so that should clear it up.)

Thursday was my birthday, so we went out to Afghan Kabob up at 120th & Tejon and had a lovely dinner to celebrate. Didn't do much else, other than Eclipse on Saturday.

And then the only other thing since my last post was a concert on Tuesday, Sabaton at the Ogden. It was a good show, although short-ish because they were supporting, not headlining. I took off after their set because it was super-crowded and my feet were getting sad. I delivered cookies to them via roadies that I spotted packing gear up, and headed home early.

And that was a week, I do believe.

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