Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

More Kitty Update

News on the kitty front is mixed.

She was feeling pretty decent for most of the week. She threw up a couple times and we were on the verge of taking her back in, but then she seemed to be getting over it.

Saturday was a good day; we went for a walk outside (on a leash), which she was VERY happy about. So we will definitely be doing more of that. (Nico also went for a walk, though he was kinda freaked out by the whole experience.)

But yesterday she was clearly feeling worse. She also has been having problems with incontinence (some behavioral, but not all of it). And she's been finicky about her food and has lost some weight, so today we took her to the vet.

The good news is that her red blood cells are trending up, so the steroid shot is working. The bad news is that her phosphorus levels and suchlike have not gotten better. We've been giving her aluminum hydroxide gel as a phosphorus binder, but it's not doing enough. (Until today, all we could get was mint-flavored stuff for humans, which she is thoroughly unenthused about. We have to burrito her up good and squirt it in her mouth. Hopefully the unflavored powder we got will be better...)

So now it's another round of IV fluids. She got the catheter put in and a little bit of it this afternoon, and we'll take her in early tomorrow morning for a full day of getting her system flushed out. Our fingers are crossed that that will bring things back into balance.

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