Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Kith & Kin

Had some happy things this weekend after all of last week's sadness.

On Saturday we went to Matt & Jason's for Matt's 44th birthday party. Which was lovely, although we couldn't stay too long, because we had tickets for the Kids In The Hall at the Paramount that evening. It was very funny. I'd say it was about half new material, and half classic bits from the TV show with a twist. (Among other things, hey, it's not on TV -- we can curse!) Definitely worth the going. And we saw a half-dozen other people there we knew, too (the Floyds, Stamps, Craig, and Richard H).

Yesterday I paid Grandma a visit. My Uncle Dave was there, too. They play a lot of Scrabble, and I got to help Grandma out with the game. (Not much though; she had an awful lot of vowels.) I brought her flowers, and she sent me home with a mango and a vidalia onion.

And Friday night we watched The Lego Movie, which we both enjoyed. My favorite bit was Benny the spaceman yelling "Spaceship! Spaceship! SPACESHIP!!!" when he finally got to build and fly one, as I suspect is true for a lot of people my age, because yes. Spaceship.

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