Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,


I was gonna post about the dinner I made last night after a week of not feeling up to dealing with cooking that turned out really well, but then I realized I already posted the recipe for brussels sprout hash back when I came up with it.

It was still tasty. Probably even better using the modified recipe from the start rather than fixing it up on the fly.

I also made the recipe for roasted potatoes from last month's Cook's Illustrated. It's time-consuming, but the results are pretty excellent. It's not all that laborious (especially if your hubby peels and chops the potatoes for you), it just takes a while. It's probably even better if you have the duck fat it calls for instead of subbing bacon grease.

And I finally have learned to cook bratwurst on low so that you don't burn the outsides while the insides are still raw. And to leave them alone enough to brown.

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