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Ten hours of gaming yesterday! We played Jason's D&D game for six hours, and then I ran my Star Wars game for four hours. This means that today I have done nothing at all but go shopping (groceries and some clothes) and read my book (re-reading Look To Windward, but Iain M Banks).

Last week turned out to be not as stressful as I feared. Writing up my contribution to the Pampas project took a bit longer than I wanted it to (mostly because of the figures I'd forgotten I needed to make), but then the data-wrangling for the Texas thing came together quickly and easily in almost no time, so I actually got both of them finished by Wednesday afternoon. Whee!

After the conference call on Friday about it, my boss asked me whether I'll be able to devote any time to the Texas thing this coming week, given that I'll be working on finishing the NASA proposal. And I realized the answer is that it'll be very easy for me to work it in, because, um, it's a lot more interesting and fun than proposal-writing.

Sooo... yeah. Proposals. Maybe not as hateful as they used to be, but still far from my favorite thing in the world.

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