Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Busy weekend

A busy weekend!

Friday night we had dinner with Bob & Jeff at Dae Gee, then socialized at their place for a bit, which was lovely and delightful. Sadly, their lemon meringue pie turned out to have been left in the car since the night before, and wasn't really food anymore.

Saturday afternoon we went to my youngest sister's wedding reception, Denver edition. (The actual wedding happened a few weeks ago off in Idaho, and I wasn't able to attend.) It was pretty casual; just friends and family and a couple tables of refreshments outdoors. Her new husband is a good guy and they're very happy, so yay!

After that we went off to the fairgrounds and met up with David (V) and Mike (M) at the Denver County Fair. It was... eclectic. It's kinda like, "hey, stuff! Buy some! Or look at this art! We have cats! And a giant inflatable unicorn! Here's a watermelon-eating contest followed by a drag queen contest for Miss County Fair!" We watched the drag show. It was entertaining, but probably not as G-rated as it should have been. Having recently wrapped my brain around "gender is performative", I kinda get the way that drag works now in a way that I didn't before: drag is (gay) men performing female gender, and that performance can range from intense to exaggerated to over-the-top to parody, and it's all good so long as you entertain the crowd.

Since Ioliel's passing, Nico has been acting a little clingy and is demanding more attention, and we have concluded that he's basically lonely and needs more companionship. So today we went to Almost Home, and after several hours of playing with cats, brought a new kitty home! She's a tiny little tabby, and she doesn't have a proper name yet, but is very lovey. More to come on this front as she settles in.

And finally, this evening I zipped up to Boulder to meet up with Shervin, who is driving through on his way to a new job way down South in Texas. We had a very tasty dinner at the Dushanbe Tea House. (I will heartily recommend the shish kabob and the lime and avocado ice cream.)

I sorta feel like maybe it shouldn't have been a tiring weekend, but it was. I think I'm gonna take at least part of a day off this coming week.

Oh, dammit, and I still need to do bills...

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