Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Alpine Slide

Yesterday Monkey and I went to Heritage Square to ride the Alpine Slide.

It's going away, you see. The quarry that owns the land didn't renew their lease, so this is the last summer it will be in operation.

I grew up in Golden, and when I was in high school (my junior year, I think?) I actually worked there one summer. I got a really good tan stationed at the checkpoint at the path at the bottom of the hill. I can remember that you could almost set your watch by the time that we had to shut everything down because afternoon thundershowers were rolling in and somebody spotted thunder.

So we drove over there around lunchtime, found an excellent parking spot, and first thing had to go kill some time doing other things because the chairlift was shut down for a bit because of problems with the generator.

Happily, there are a bunch more rides and suchlike than there were 25(!) years ago. We bought 28 tickets for 30 bucks, which was enough to ride go-carts on a figure 8 track and then play 18 holes of mini-golf. (One of the very few physical activities that I can beat him at.) And then, because I forgot to give my tickets to the go-cart attendant and he forgot to ask for them, we got to have a bonus ride on the Scrambler, whee! (I hope that somewhere somebody has hooked up paint sprayers to the bottom of the gondolas on one of those, because it's basically a giant Spirograph.)

Anyway, after that the chairlift was running again, so we rode up the hill and slid down the mountain. It was a lot more precarious-feeling than it was when I was a lot younger. Still fun, though. And I'm glad we got around to going one last time.

Also this weekend: a lovely dinner with Sarah on Friday night, and a low-key pool part on Saturday.

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