Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Two weeks: tian, gaming, downtime

It's been two weeks since my last stuff-going-on post, and I thought I had a whole bunch of things to make note of, but looking at my calendar I guess it wasn't all that much. Mostly just time passing.

We went swimming at Bob & Pyro's Sunday a week ago. I made a vegetable tian that turned out pretty good, which was vaguely annoying because it felt like a big pain in the ass while I was doing it and I was sorta hoping it would be sufficiently meh that I could just chuck the recipe. But no, it was good enough to make again and in retrospect not actually all that difficult or labor-intensive, it just felt that way. Basically, you slice a potato and a zucchini and a summer squash and a tomato all real thin and stack them up vertically in alternating layers in a small casserole dish and bake them (plus sauteed onion and garlic on the bottom, plus thyme, salt, and pepper on top), then add some cheese and bake some more. I did all the slicing (except the tomato) with the mandoline and managed not to injure myself, so at least there's that.

One session of Bear D&D (still enjoying psionics immensely) and two of Star Wars. The Star Wars players ran an Ocean's Eleven type caper at a casino to keep two bad guy factions from hooking up by laundering dirty money via fixed gambling. Breaking the bank by cheating at roulette is a lot easier an option when you can use the Force!

Had brunch at Denver Biscuit Company this last Sunday with Bob & Pyro and Matt & Jason and Gary & Jon. Very tasty food. Excellent biscuits and gravy. And then we skipped out on the other activities and just came home because we were tired and wanted some downtime. And, like, a nap. I managed to drop by Adelaide's birthday party at a park up on 112th briefly while running off to the grocery store, said hi to the Gamaches and Icarus and Scott, but yeah, lots of doing nothing.

And that's about it for recent social things. Work is chugging along but not much interesting to talk about. I helped interview admin assistant candidates the week before last and discovered when reviewing their MS-Office skills tests that I have definite opinions about spreadsheet structure, which comes as a bit of a surprise.

I have a new pair of glasses and a reconfigured facial hair, but that probably deserves a separate post.

So yeah. Stuff. Generally good.

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