Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Workin' Workin'

Monkey has a new job! He is doing QA for a mobile game developer in Boulder, and it's going very well so far. We're still settling into the new routine, but I think it will be good. Hooray! I'm very happy for him.

I spent all of last week working on a collaborative proposal that was submitted Tuesday afternoon. The big push was on Friday, when I got a draft to edit that was 6 pages longer than the 15-page maximum and still needed some space for a figure and a table. I worked on it all day, and then continued on it after dinner. And then kept working on it late into the night, because I decided I would rather just keep at it until it was done than go to bed and have to start back up again the next morning.

Editing for length, it turns out, is something that I'm pretty damn good at. And it's peculiarly satisfying to attack somebody else's writing savagely and with utter ruthlessness in pursuit of paring things down to purely the necessary core of the text. You can say that in eight words instead of twenty. And we don't need this sentence at all. There's one important word in this entire paragraph and I'm moving it up here. They don't need to know about that. Or that. Or that. In fact, let's just sum this all up as "we will evaluate model performance." And so I was able to finish up at 3:45 in the morning with the revised draft coming in a bit under 15 pages.

(I also managed to give myself an overuse injury from all the typing on my laptop, which was annoying. My left forearm and wrist through the thumb were achy and then turned stiff the next day. But I threw ice packs and NSAIDs and tiger balm at it and babied it like crazy all weekend, and it recovered fine.)

This week has been pretty sedate by comparison. Half my group, including my boss, is out of town, and I've been going in late to make up for the extra time on Friday. (I mean, later than usual.) I spent most of Monday and Tuesday catching up on all the email I neglected while we were proposing, and yesterday I spent all day updating a table on a website. It took all day largely because it was originally in PDF and it has fancy formatting, and a fair amount of massaging was needed to extract it from the PDF and then to get something that would display properly in Drupal (ugh).

But this afternoon, just before heading home, I got word from my boss that my promotion has gone through, and I get to increment the III in my job title to a IV. Plus I get a raise. So hard work pays off! Woot!

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