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Eggplant Parm Followup - The Mad Schemes of Dr. Tectonic [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eggplant Parm Followup [Sep. 29th, 2015|08:09 pm]
The grilled eggplant parm turned out REALLY well.

It's this recipe here:

I did everything up to the last step (baking for half an hour) last night and stuck it in the fridge to bake when I got home tonight, and it worked beautifully.

I ended up with about twice as much tomato sauce as I needed; I think you could just use one 14.5 oz can of petit diced tomatoes and not dirty up your blender. (I used 1 can petit dice and one can crushed.)

I only stacked things two high instead of three, and everything still slid all over the place, so just resign yourself to an end result that will be tasty but only occasionally pretty. Next time I might use two baking sheets and not stack them at all; then you'd get even more brown-and-bubbly cheese, which is always a good thing.

Several of the eggplant slices got kinda black on the grill, and I was worried that they were burned, but the char actually added a nice flavor, so don't worry much about over-cooking during that step.