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So it turns out, I can crank out my third of a paper on Big Data I'm co-authoring in about a day and a half. I had a good conversation with a colleague on Thursday afternoon, did a bunch of editing/rewriting on Friday afternoon, and had some pretty good drafting going today until another project leapt into the fray and ate my afternoon. But I expect I'll be able to get it finished up tomorrow morning with out much trouble. Turns out I know something about this stuff, I guess!

Kevin & Melissa were in town, so after a few errands, I spent most of the day on Saturday over at the Nevilles' visiting with them & everybody else. Many and varied topics of conversation, including a number of grown-up topics like insurance and health. We must be getting old or something. We also played a game of Wise and Otherwise and a game of Exploding Kittens.

Sunday was double-barreled gaming; D&D in the afternoon and Star Wars in the evening. The D&D session featured a fight with a mind flayer, two umber hulks, and an ogre mage, which looked for a bit like it might go quite badly. But we beat them! (Literally. Turns out one of the pluses of telekinesis is that big rocks are immune to spell resistance...)

Um... I feel like I had something else worth mentioning, but I can't remember what it was, so that will have to do.

UPDATE: I remember what it was! Hulu now has a no-ads option. Which is great, because ads suck, so we decided to go for it, but still we were feeling ever so faintly grumbly about the extra cost (not that the cost is significant, just the fact that it exists), and then we realized that it's October, which means that we have now opted out of all political ads during campaign season. SOLD!

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