Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Social Catch-Up, vol. N

It's social whirl catch-up time! Perhaps I will go thematically, rather than chronologically.

FOOD: We got together with Douglas & Bob & Jeff for dinner at Yak & Yeti the Saturday before last, before Douglas went off to Phoenix for three weeks. Of course, then we saw him the following day we met up with him, Dave V., Mitch, and Dave's friend Claire (and her little boy) at Star Kitchen for dim sum. And then we kind of didn't eat anything for the rest of the weekend.

Honorable mention on the food front goes to Jason, who provided Many Soups at D&D yesterday. I especially liked the root vegetable borscht, because it was yummy and a very different flavor profile than I usually cook.

I also made a pretty tasty chicken korma in the crockpot last week. The mustard-green saag was also good, although it needed plenty of salt. Still, recipes worth keeping.

GAMING: At Floyd Game Night, I finally got to play Agricola, which has been on the "I oughta play that sometime" list for ages. I enjoyed it, and managed to avoid losing points in all the areas except one, so I felt pretty competent, yay! Afterwards, we played possibly the fastest game of Dominion ever. Cards from the Guilds and Hinterlands expansions gave us so much money acceleration that we actually ran out of silver.

Then, the following Sunday (that is, Sunday before last - same day as dim sum) while Jerry was off at ceramics I joined the rest of our D&D crew for some casual boardgaming. We played an enjoyable game of Clusterfuck (well, two, actually, but the first one ended after only the second round with a successful threesome), and then Gene had us play Nertz. Which, with seven people, is just a wee bit chaotic. (Also, Matt is crazy good at it.) The we split into two groups for Carcassonne and (of course) Dominion. (Yes, I did bring all five bags of games with me.)

And then this Saturday just past, we went over to Tim & Garrett's for a Rock Band 4 party! Plus general socializing. Later on when the crowd dwindled, we also played Fibbage and Drawful with them and some of their straight (ish) friends. These are games where everybody enters an answer to a question on their smartphone / ipad and then the answers all get shown on the TV and you vote on which one is the real answer. They are excellent party games. Also, yay, Rock Band!

OTHER STUFF: Went and visited Grandma weekend before last. She is now 101, but didn't want a big deal made of it, so I didn't.

Made arrangements to go visit Jerry's mom in November, which is... approaching at a kind of distressing pace.

We got a PS4, and can stream video to it WAY better than the PS3, so we have been watching more Steven Universe. Oh! And we found Polar Bear Cafe on Crunchroll!

ETA: Oh, and I also got to meet up with danthered in person for the first time for lunch at Mustard's Last Stand two weeks ago day after tomorrow, in town to abscond with Gaffer V (also at lunch) off to the Pacific Northwest. So that was neat, although sadly I can't think of any more prepositional phrases to cram into my description of it.

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