Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Star Wars

So I actually haven't watched any trailers or other promotional material for the new Star Wars movie other than that first teaser trailer. I figure the less I know going in and the less I get psyched up to see it, the more enjoyment I'll be able to get out of it. If you keep your expectations low, even a mediocre film can pleasantly surprise you, whereas if your expectations are too high, anything less than perfection is bound to leave you at least a little bit disappointed.

Well, it appears my subconscious wants to guarantee that I enjoy it, because there is no way that the real thing can fail to improve upon the version that I just dreamed about walking out of halfway through. It featured:

* Sarah Palin playing a "heroic" character that was, basically, herself;
* While wearing a long blue dress showing lots of leg and cleavage;
* Lots of corny self-aware jokes about it being a movie;
* and a bunch of characters breaking the 4th wall to argue with the audience that it's a better movie than they think.

So... thanks, brain, I guess?
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