Beemer (dr_tectonic) wrote,

Halloween and a Productive Sunday

So we did end up doing something for Halloween after all. We came home after D&D, imprisoned the cats in the bedroom, and threw candy at the double handful of trick-or-treaters still out and about after sundown. After resting up a bit, we then headed out and spent the evening at The Eagle.

I don't find bars intrinsically all that interesting, but a bunch of our friends were there, and I do enjoy hanging out with friends. Plus, there was a lot of tasty eye candy, and it's nice to appreciate in a venue where you know nobody's going to take offense at being ogled. There were a lot of excellent costumes (Pyro & Bob went as Dick Dastardly and Mutley, for one; Douglas was a garden gnome, and there was also a trio of alarmingly good Chicken Ladies from Kids In The Hall), although I was not wearing one. Initially my costume was I Couldn't Deal With Putting Together A Costume So I'm Just Wearing Bar Drag, but then later I had to go to the car and change into Guy Who Is No Longer Freezing To Death.

Had a very good time. Came home late and very tired, and were very thankful for Daylight Saving Time come the morning.

We actually got a lot of chores done today. We cleaned leaves out of the gutters and swept off the patio, cleaned the kitchen counters and mopped the floor, discovered (eventually) that the microwave was only temporarily nonfunctional after being wiped down (hooray!), paid bills, did voting research and filled out ballots, called my mom, and did a bunch of general picking up around the house. I feel accomplished.

Oh, and in fiddling around with spreadsheets to level up my D&D character, I determined that instead of rolling Nd6 and multiplying by 1.5 for the damage on an Empowered spell, you could roll Nd10 and subtract 1d(N/2) and you'd get basically the same result with less mental math. I have delusions that this may someday be of interest to somebody other than me.

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